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Set them to inactive in case you want to delete them.Additionally, do not delete assignment rule conditions.After you set up the rules containing the conditions that records must meet when resources match the rule conditions, they're assigned to the object.

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You also can use rule-based assignment to assign additional resources to objects.

Rule-based assignment lets you set up additional rules that are used to assign resources to work objects.

You can export a configuration package once you create it, or at any time in the future.

During export, appropriate setup data is identified based on the setup export definition, and is added to the configuration package.

After the export completes, you can download the configuration package as a zipped archive of multiple XML files, move it to the target application instance, and upload and import it.

Review and publish the assignment objects and rules setup data in the target application instance to make them available for assignment processing.

The setup import and export definition is a list of setup tasks and their associated business objects that identifies the setup data for export as well as the data itself.

You generate the setup export and import definition by selecting an implementation project and by creating a configuration package.

If that setup data is exported, and then imported into another environment, for example production, the data in the target database is not removed.

If your implementation plans to import and export setup data for assignment objects and assignment rules, ensure not to delete assignment objects, rule categories, rule sets, and rules.


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