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For several of the segments in the series, Chinese sub-titled versions are available.

American journalists were only permitted to visit for brief periods.S.-China Institute Senior Fellow, is the writer and reporter for the series.He is assisted by USCI Multimedia Editor Craig Stubing and USCI staff and students, who handle much of the logistics, research, transcription, videography, and editing.This segment focuses on the work of journalists reporting on the civil war that ended with Mao Zedong atop Tiananmen proclaiming the establishment of the People’s Republic.Largely excluded from China, American journalists in the 1950s and 1960s had to try to report on the tumultuous changes in the world’s biggest nation from its periphery.Clayton Dube conceived of the project and supervises it.segments have been screened for universities and organizations across America and China and elsewhere in East Asia.This includes previously unseen home videos and other materials.In addition to interviews with those whose work was featured on American front pages and broadcasts, the series includes interviews with Chinese and American officials who sought to manage coverage of China or of specific events, such as Nixon’s historic 1972 trip.We thank each of these people and institutions for their help (and we list each in the credits for each segment).We invite you to consider joining them in supporting our efforts (click here to donate, please be sure to designate the U. The videos are also available at our You Tube channel (English playlist; Chinese playlist).


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