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There are tough guy monologues and bursts of violence that feel like self-parody and perhaps they are. Either way Rodriguez certainly plays it straight, completely removed from the sequences with Shalhoub and Weaver winking their way through the absurdity.But there are also scenes that seem to get laughs that were never intended. When playing a man she looks right bug sounds so far off the mark it’s hard to take seriously.

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is a project that he has apparently spent 40 years developing, but it feels more like something that should have been made all those decades ago rather than a project that needed time to percolate.

Yet there’s something charmingly sleazy about this absolutely batshit insane project as well, criticizing itself through a fantastically evil performance by Sigourney Weaver in a way that suggests a certain level of self-aware camp in addition to cheap thrills.

Seeking vengeance, Frank heads for a showdown with the person (Sigourney Weaver) who transformed him, a brilliant surgeon with a chilling agenda of her own.

stars Michelle Rodriguez as Frank Kitchen, an ace hitman who sets out a revenge spree after he is captured by a sadistic, amoral surgeon (Sigourney Weaver) and subject to a forced gender reassignment surgery. As you might expect, it’s already taken some heat from trans advocacy groups for casting a cisgender woman in the lead role in addition to the obvious indelicateness of the plot. I’m always conflicted when it comes to overtly provocative garbage like this.

It’s clear the guy still has chops as a filmmaker, which makes the scenes when the movie departs into inexplicable insanity even more head-scratching.

There’s a chance that the joke is on us and in a few years Assignment will play like self-aware camp released in an era too sensitive to notice. I sure as hell won’t be able to scrape whatever the hell this was from my mind any time soon.

A rogue cosmetic surgeon (Sigourney Weaver) known only as "The Doctor" performs a complete male-to-female gender reassignment surgery on an ace assassin named Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez) as an act of revenge, in order to cause him enormous psychic pain.

When the hit man wakes up and finds he's now a "hit woman," he set out for revenge on the doctor with the help of a nurse who goes by the name Johnnie (Caitlin Gerard).

Yep, that’s really the premise of the movie and one that treats transgender politics as tastelessly as it sounds.

The concept of gender reassignment surgery being used as a form of punishment is problematic at best.


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