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We have lots of project managers working on lots of projects. and the projects are almost never related to one another.

We have lots of project managers working on lots of projects. and the projects are almost never related to one another.

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The message won't appear again unless the tool remains idle again for 45 minutes.

Can you please make it so that ALL tasks, regardless if they are subtasks or parent tasks, show up in the "'Assigned to Me" dashboard?

After Host Pool creation I tried to subscribe via both Remote Desktop client and Web client and get the error above.

Is there a way to add users after Host Pool creation? If this is not possible, the field should be mandatory. I can use the command Add-Rds App Group User to add users to the deployment.

I’m not talking about occasionally being asked to make copies or order pizza for the team.

I’m referencing the more absurd things that sometimes arise: being told that your marketing gig includes holding a sign on the street corner or that, as a graphic designer, you’ll be creating your boss’s holiday cards.I'm sorry about my ignorance, it was my first time deploying WVD.It wasn't clear to me that app group is used regardless of what has been deployed was Desktop or Applications.I suggest to edit the document to make it clear that the command above works for adding users to both Host Pool and App Group @soeirodefaria that is not 100% true a host pool does not have concept of group does..also there is a default group we create.If you check here you will see appgroup is required parameter @stgeorgi thanks for the clarity.Cards in Favro are where all information is stored, tasks are discussed, and work is completed. When a card is being worked on, it is generally assigned. You can access this view by clicking the My Cards menu in the top bar or by pressing the shortcut 'Q' This gives you a personal view which you can prioritize on desktop or mobile.Unlike the boards and backlogs, when cards are completed they are hidden from this view.Link specific tasks or projects to one of your teammates by mentioning them.Simply type “@” following the name of your teammate.Jira is SO powerful, how can it be missing something as simple as this, or am I overlooking something obvious?When deploying a Host Pool, I left the Default Desktop User blank thinking I could add users later.


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