Arts Education In Schools Essay

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Kids who are depressed may even find art to be a form of therapy, and if the art class was included in regular curriculum, there would not be any embarrassment on the part of these kids for going to therapy outside of school. Art can be a wonderful therapy for those who feel stressed by their other classes.

School can make children feel inadequate or even stupid if they do not excel or get a “100” on every assignment. It can cause self-esteem issues for these students when they grow up.

Subjects in the arts should not be cut from schools because they help children to develop their skills and give an outlet for expression.

Subjects in the arts are also imperative as they give students a chance for success, prepare them for careers, and promote anti-bullying techniques.

Instead, a student is Coligan 4 surveying forty high school students at risk of dropping out supports this.

According to the study, twenty-two students said they seriously considered dropping out.Children are like sponges; they absorb everything that touches them in terms of knowledge and social settings.If children are told that it is okay to be creative and make mistakes, they will not be as afraid of being imperfect when they get older.Art also builds Coligan 2 children’s communication skills!A child could be shy about speaking to a classmate, but if the two children are both making art, maybe one will compliment the other child’s artwork.In middle school, it is imperative that adolescent kids can find healthy outlets to express how they are feeling.Kids aged 11 to 14 are finding out who they are, as their bodies and minds change to become young adults.Art can help children develop their social and mental skills.For young children, elementary school is a place that not only teaches how to read, write, and add numbers, but to socialize, and build healthy friendships.In many cases, middle school is when many kids also get involved in unhealthy activities, like drug use.Many do so because they feel like they do not belong anywhere.


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