Art Morality Essay

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On every billboard, magazine, and commercial citizens are reminded that they are not as physically attractive as they could be and there is a solutions to their problem.

In his analysis of beauty, Kant states that beauty is morality.

In the introduction, Vasil Gluchman stressed, that no ethical theories can be formulated which can be applied eternally.

Each age is characterized by its particular morality, and hence ethics must constantly adapt to existing realities.

Despite the fact physical beauty is highly valued in society, it is not the driving factor when it comes to determining morality and making ethical judgments.

To support this, I will be introducing Aristotle’s virtue ethics and David Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature to demonstrate that beauty is independent of virtue and does not influence morality as it is not considered when discussing morality. He states, “The beautiful pleases immediately, disinterestedly, as the result of freedom of the imagination, and with universal validity.According to Howard Ducharme the watershed between these two stances in ethics is Thomas Hobbes' philosophical system.The author carries out a critical assessment of ethical tradition which Hobbes' philosophy embodies, and ultimately advocates for a certain form of personalism, which should restore the cognition of ethical values to its rightful place, and hence protect the whole doctrine from the pernicious influence of ethical antirealism "And not to forget, objective ethical truth telling saves science from the doom of ethical antirealism." (p. Mark Piper from the James Madison University devotes his essay to the issues of acceptance and respect for human rights.Ethic Theory Moral Prac (2014) 11-1013 DOI 10.1007/s10677-014-9529-5 Morality: Reasoning on Different Approaches Vasil Gluchman, Value Inquiry Book Series, Rodopi, Amsterdam/ New York 2013, pp.182, ISBN: 978-9042037274 Stefan Konstanczak Accepted: 23 June 2014 /Published online: 1 July 2014 © The Author(s) 2014.Throughout history, beauty has been seen as a value to humans.Beauty practices start as far back as foot binding and continues up to today with cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction.This document is a summary of Kieran's "Art, Morality, and Ethics" My personal comments are in red.The essay is an alternative to both Gaut's ethicism and Lamarque's aestheticism.On this occasion the author analyses how respect for human dignity and autonomy is justified in the ethical tradition.His reasoning is carried out on the basis of Immanuel Kant's commonly accepted philosophy.


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