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It also gives permission for its followers to discuss the issue n a case by case basis with their rabbi to determine the best course of action (BBC, 2013).If I were to include the arguments of other religious traditions I would have a list of many different rules for how to appropriately address the issue of abortion without compromising one’s morality.A popular question surrounding this discussion Is whether or not the fetus has the right to life.

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A common pro-choice argument is that the mother of a baby has a right to defend herself against personal threats (Thomson, 1971).

This is generally thought of when there are circumstances where the fetus is causing a threat to the mother’s physical health.

It is my belief that the concept of self-defense can be extended to issues relating to a mother’s ability to sustain her in society, which a baby can have a large impact on.

If a baby poses a threat not only to the health of a mother but to her evildoer, then the mother is has a right to decide if she will keep the baby.

This brings abortion into a more deontological concussion because the question is if the fetus has a claim on the fundamental rule that people have a right to life.

Eventually this debate arrives at the conflict that decides when a fetus is really considered a person.

The Issue of abortion Is one that has been at the recent forefront of many political discussions in the united States and around the world.

There are people spread across both sides of the argument whose opinions vary in intensity and depend on different sources of information to back up their points of view.

House of Representatives Constitution Subcommittee and was the pro-life spokesperson for the U. ROB SCHWARZWALDER is Senior Vice President of Family Research Council. of Health and Human Services, where as senior speech writer he crafted language on all facets of federal health care policy.

She received a law degree from Georgetown University.


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