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Added comments about real-vs-complex random matrices and about the k-extendable vs k-extendable & PPT hierarchies. The result now holds only for matrices with random entries instead of random columns 35 pages, to appear in IEEE-IT.

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Added a near optimal bound (up to additive factors) for the expected communication cost of the main task.

Section 5 contains the result from ar Xiv:1506.06380 . Main result changed from NLTS to a different theorem which we call NLETS, due to a bug in the corresponding theorem of the previous version.

Semidefinite programs (SDPs) are a framework for exact or approximate optimization with widespread application in quantum information theory.

We introduce a new method for using reductions to construct integrality gaps for SDPs, meaning instances where the SDP value is far from the true optimum.

About: I am a Ph D student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. My research interests include quantum computation, complexity theory and approximation algorithms. Mehraban Saeed, Shirazi Amirhossein, Zamani Maryam, Jafari Gholamreza, "Coupling between time series: a network view", EPL 2017 [ar Xiv, Journal]45 Mehraban Saeed, Ejtehadi Reza, "A self-organized graph evolution model with preferential network random walk" [ar Xiv]6.

Aaronson Scott, Bouland Adam, Kuperberg Greg, Mehraban Saeed, "the computational complexity of ball permutations, proc STOC 2017 [ar Xiv]4.

[15]; v3 has more information on the numerical violation as well as 1 figure (2 graphs) - note that the explicit example was changed and the more conservative estimate of the bound up to which violations occur, additionally some other small issues are straightened out 176 pages.

Chapters 1 and 4 are a slightly older version of quant-ph/0512015.

(Sharif University of Technology) Principles of Solid State Devices, Teaching Assistant, Spring 20127.

(Sharif University of Technology) Analytical Mechanics II, Teaching Assistant, Spring 20128.


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