Aqa English Language Percentage Coursework

Aqa English Language Percentage Coursework-89
Unlike source 3, source 1 has used statistics in there article to back up there statement:”30% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emission”.

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Unit 3 (Written Controlled Assessment: This is out of 80.

Ahh I haven't been told the mark I got for each piece of coursework.

You are going to compare the use of language in two texts, one of which you have chosen.

4 Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. (16 marks) Similarly both source 1 and source 3 use rhetorical questions to grip there readers attention, for different purposes.

You can also use the techniques in the exam too (Questions 5 & 6).

For the exam, my teacher insisted we used PEARL for questions 1 - 4.

If you got As in the speaking and listening and assuming the worst case scenario for the coursework and S L (i.e.

the lowest mark for an A) then if my calculations are correct you only need 55% UMS (i.e. I don't know how the UMS conversion was like in the January paper but 48/80 was probably a C.

Source 3 has also used a direct approach, as they have also used a rhetorical question in their personal text: “What were they doing?

” This is used as it makes the reader instantly feel like they are now involved in her journey, as the readers are directly addressed and this makes then wonder more about some of the issues that are raised during her journey, and raises the reader’s curiosity.


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