Aqa Critical Thinking As Revision

Critical understanding is used to define the process of formulating and understanding a complex problem or difficult set of ideas.In a general sense, it is, ‘a consequence of men’s [sic] beginning to reflect about their own capacity for reflection, about the world, about their position in the world.’ In a pedagogical sense it is closely linked to the theory of Education for Critical Consciousness, outlined by Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator and critical theorist, who wrote, ‘Only dialogue, which requires critical thinking, is also capable of generating critical thinking.

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Anne is a highly experienced teacher who was also Head of Psychology in a sixth form college for a number of years.Without dialogue there is no communication, and without communication there can be no true education.’ In Secondary education in the UK, critical understanding can be used as an umbrella term to define thinking skills which encourage children to, ‘have enquiring minds and think for themselves to process information, reason, question and evaluate’ Students’ ability to apply critical thought to a given task is important across the curriculum.Although not always explicitly labelled students are encouraged to develop thinking skills that develop from simple identification to successful evaluation.In addition, Anne has many years experience as both an examiner and senior examiner for AQA.Much cheaper & more effective than TES or the Guardian.The National Curriculum (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) programme of study for Key Stage 3 Art and Design states: Critical Understanding The Edexcel GCSE assessment grid asks students to: 'Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.' The revision website, BBC Bitesize, aimed to support students through GCSE exams and coursework states: 'Critical understanding is about reflecting on your own work and that of other artists, designers and craftspeople.You need to be able to look closely at how artists and designers communicate their ideas, feelings and beliefs through their work.Using various colours, students must match the relevant information to the correct case study example.For low ability students, or those who have completed limited revision, a bespoke case study booklet was also made available for reference.In the following week, I will be asking students to return to their #thinkingquilts in order to apply these statistics to exam questions.I am hoping that because all the crucial information has been condensed onto two sides of A3 they will be able to recall/review such information more easily.


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