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In high school, she earned a 2400 on the SAT, 5's on all seven of her AP tests, and was named a National Merit Scholar.

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For example, if you're reading about the rise and spread of Islam in the 7th century, you should think about how this can be viewed in the context of Development and Interaction of Cultures.

How did the spread of Islam impact cultural and political landscapes in the Middle East? Maybe you can create your own smash hit training program that helps people exercise and study for AP tests at the same time, and you'll be so rich you won't even have to go to college. A well-organized set of notes can help to ground your studying for AP World History.

In addition to these tidbits of advice, you can check out this article with a longer list of the best study tips for this class.

As you look through notes, think carefully about how everything connects back to the five major themes of the course.

We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score.

Ap World History Essays Ap Central

Download it for free now: Samantha is a blog content writer for Prep Scholar.

Taking (realistically timed) practice tests will help to verify that you’ve absorbed the information.

After each test, assess your mistakes, and take note of where you came up short.

If you need a more engaging format to hold your attention, I'd recommend buying a review book instead or printing out the notes so you can highlight important points.

Here are a few study tips that will help you prepare strategically for the exam.


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