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At this point, even if you have no means of elimination, it is in your best interest to guess—you’ve narrowed your chance of getting the right answer down to 50 percent.With any timed exam, it is in your best interest to practice taking the test under the same time restrictions. And remember, you may not go back to complete Section I once these 55 minutes are over, even if you have time left over in other sections of the exam.The third will be somewhat close—it may just cover the same era as the correct answer.

The distractors for these questions are particularly tricky if you haven’t read the question thoroughly. Aim to spend about 10-12 minutes on each question, depending on how many parts it contains.

Use the first minute to identify the two to three parts of the question.

If the answer is yes, chances are that this answer is not correct.

The AP exam does not like to make grand, overarching statements.

Check the time period of the question and match it up with the remaining answer choices.

Can you eliminate one of your answers because it is outside the time frame of the question?

While I certainly do not claim to be an expert, or have any “insider information” on the inner workings of the College Board, I am happy to share my insights and advice based on my experiences and conversations with colleagues.

There is not really a rubric for these types of questions, like there is for the Document-Based Question (DBQ) or Long Essay Question (LEQ).

This is my eighth year teaching the course, and while I had certainly reached a comfort level with the traditional multiple-choice and free-response questions, I have come around to almost all of the aspects of the redesign.

In my opinion, the best addition to the test is the new short answer section, found in Section 1 of the exam (along with the stimulus multiple-choice questions).


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