Ap Essay Questions/Antigone

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The three characters react very differently to the deaths of their fathers.

Hamlet spends most of his time worrying about revenge and his mother’s marriage to Claudius, but he doesn’t do anything until his mother dies.

The only character who goes right to revenge and is not stopped is Laertes.

Hamlet stops all the time, whenever he thinks of an excuse.

Sir William says that Septimus suffers from a “lack of proportion” and tells Lucrezia, the only person who truly cares for Septimus, that Septimus must be away from her as if she were the problem.

Right after Septimus kills himself — in hopes of saving his soul and not having to live in the society he abhors — the doctors give Lucrezia drugs to effectively numb her.

Without Creon’s betrayal, which is to choose his own law over the ancient rules set by the gods about burial, there would be no story because Antigone would have no reason to rebel.

She would marry Haemon, Creon’s son, and live happily ever after, or at least as happy as Oedipus’s children can be.

Antigone goes to her death willingly because she thinks that the rules the gods made are more important than the ones that Creon made.

Also, Antigone feels that she has to do this because it is her brother. The citizens of Thebes need someone to rule them, and Creon has their trust.


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