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‘Dressing is an agricultural act if we want to wear natural fibres such as wool, which is renewable and biodegradable.

The alternative is synthetic fibres like polyester, derived from petroleum and known to shed microplastic particles into the ecosystem with every wash.’ Jane founded Textile Beat in Brisbane in 2013 as a way of exploring creative, sustainable, affordable and ethical ways of dressing that don’t harm people, places or the planet.

The focus was on making your own garments, using natural fibres and textile reuse where possible. For more details about the project, scroll to the bottom.

Dr Nicola Smith – DIY enables direct engagement with physical world, for comfort and creativity.

We buy carefully, gain skills, and care for what we wear as an embodiment of ourselves.

Through this action we, the wearers, become original, authentic and resourceful.It is about connection to what we wear, and about caring for planetary health and wellbeing rather than branding and image.‘In the rush to own things for reasons of status and looks, we lose the opportunity to be mindful and resourceful through the act of making and creating,’ she said.Each garment becomes a different story about mindful and sustainable resource use told through various voices.These stories reflect Slow Clothing Manifesto actions we can take to reduce our clothing footprint: think, natural, quality, local, care, few, make, adapt, revive and salvage.They warm and protect our bodies, and influence the way we feel and present to the world.Slow Clothing considers what we wear from a health and wellbeing rather than fashion context.She has presented and gathering information from hundreds of workshops and talks with various groups, teachers, students and local councils.Rethinking clothing culture is essential to turning the tide on the exploitation of garment workers caught within global supply-chain empires that foster fast and wasteful consumption.The project narrative weaves knowledge and skills to help people choose well, use clothes for longer and reduce textile waste in landfill.It celebrates the mindful/healthful benefits of handmade and will grow awareness of the usefulness of stitching and sewing.


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