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We have gathered the most interesting ideas to write a paper on “Antigone.” Reading through our lists is the fastest way to come up with a good idea for your essay.Students who do not have even a thought on what to write about will find our good essay topics for “Antigone” really helpful.

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Antigone has a sister, Ismena, and two brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles. The image of Antigone embodies the idea of sacred duty to relatives.

King Oedipus fell into despair and blinded himself, discovering that unknowingly he had become the murderer of his father, the previous Theban king Laius, and married his own mother.

She has earned a lot of reputation and respect to lose, only because of her high status.

People who consider Creon as a tragic hero state that Antigone no longer has a high status in Thebes after her father’s death, so she is not eligible to have a high social position.

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If you prefer to write your paper on your own, but don’t know how to start, read through the guides and samples on our blog.There are many arguments about who is the tragic hero in Sophocles’ Antigone.Some believe that it is Creon because he also has the characteristics of a tragic hero.Antigone qualifies as a tragic hero because she is not entirely good or bad.Antigone’s negative side is shown when she broke the king’s decree and went to bury Polyneices.In scene 2, Antigone said, “No share in work, no share in death, and I must consummate alone what I began.” Antigone is trying to say that she did the crime by herself and she is responsible for her action but, Ismene was not a part of it, and if Antigone has to die, she will die by herself.Antigone undoubtedly wins the vehemence of emotion among the audience.Antigone buries the body of her brother in secret, against the will of Creon.In different versions, Antigone either sprinkles the body of Polyneices in the earth, or drags it to the same fire where the body of Eteocles was burned, and throws it into the fire, making ceremonial libations.Using one of our topics will help you write a quality paper.Antigone is a character of ancient Greek mythology.


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