Anti Naruhina Essay

Not saying it was right, but she didn't grow up with a dark past, and she was a kid. But even with that said, they can't deny that they ended up becoming good friends, and she started to change not only her outlook on Naruto, but herself as well.Sakura had a purpose outside of romance, but Hinata did not. If Sasuke had actually liked Sakura back then, then that kind of logic might work.

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Midway through the manga, however, he changed his mind ( according to interviews and my bro who's a Naru Hina fan ). The first one doing it doesn't make her the best fucking choice. Seems like he did give up on Sakura, lol, if ya' ask me. A lot more development was there when it came to Naru Saku, making it feel too much like fanservice when Naruhina happened.

Just cause' someone treats him better doesn't mean he SHOULD be with them. There's plenty of other people who would likely treat Naruto right. Oh, and isn't part of Naruto's character supposed to be to never give up? But all that build up, just to do a quicc switch to a couple that barely talked at all, it just comes off as rushed and complete fanservice Yeah.

The other percentage are literally diccriders, and hate her cuz it's the cool thing to do.

Not realizing that the girl they like so much, is much more useless and stagnant.

And with the pain arc, she even admitted to being self ish in that regard.

Like in the manga, she didn't even try to take off the rods.

And the thing is, it's hypocritical of her to tell Naruto this.

She only liked Sasuke cuz the other girls liked him, and Ino who is her rival was after him. And say that Naruto didn't actually love her, and chased her cuz of his rivalry with Sasuke? Further proving, that the writing up to the pairing was just fanservice.

I always felt that a percentage of the Sakura haters, hate her because of how she was in part 1, and constantly held that against her, instead of realizing her development later on.

And they hated her for making fun of Narutos orphan status, that Sasuke obviously disliked her for that.


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