Animal Cruelty Essays

So why people sometimes forget that animals need our care and protection?

Strange and weird changes happen: a favorite pet becomes needless when it gets ill or old.

Very often animals are helpless and people use them for their own purposes.

Our duty is to protect our little friends, so I hope this persuasive essay on animal abuse will open your eyes to reality and you will realize that each of us is responsible for taking care of animals.

Being vegan means that you do not eat not only meat, but also every product from animal world. You can find supporters organizing meetings or making posters. Also make sure in advance that many people will come to protest, and that they are serious minded. PETA is association against animal cruel treatment.

Make posters about animal abuse, and just in case make them for others who come to the meeting unprepared. You may create an account in social networks and find other people, who have the same views and thoughts.Treating animals each of us should orient towards not only animal law, but also our own moral norms.Animal protection should be a priority for every self-respecting man.As a result animals that lost their homes die, because they can not live on the streets, or they are euthanized.So animals need protection from such irresponsible owners.Previously we discussed the problem of animal testing.Now I believe it is a high time to discuss another issue of current interest, namely the problem of animal abuse.For example, a dog that during the entire life was loyal to its owner may become absolutely unwanted.We live in a civilized society and animal abuse is incompatible with the terms “humanity” and “moral”.There is a law on animals that supposes preventing cruelty to animals.Every day we hear stories about animal abuse, mass media, global web give to the world materials that prove how much important animal protection is. Animals definitely have rights to be protected from being abused and from inappropriate treatment a result of which they suffer.


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