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It is understood that advances in technology have made man's life happier, longer, and healthier, and I am all for advancing but destroying life to create life is unjustified.

With the results of cloning possibly curing Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and heart disease who could possibly be against it?

The Islamic Fiqh Academy, in its Tenth Conference proceedings, which was convened in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the period from June 28, 1997 to July 3, 1997, issued a Fatwā stating that human cloning is haraam (sinful).

Cloned-animal products were said to be indistinguishable from the non-cloned animals.

The prominent Qatari scholar Yusuf Al Qaradawi believes that cloning specific parts of the human body for medical purposes is not prohibited in Islam, but cloning the whole human body would not be permitted under any circumstances.

On the issue of animal ethics he takes a more lenient position.

Compelling arguments state that cloning of both human and non-human species results in harmful physical and psychological effects.

In "Cloning Is Moral" Alex (Something else) comes across as an advocate for therapeutic and reproductive cloning and argues that it is immoral to be against it, which I disagree.

Most scientific, governmental and religious organizations oppose reproductive cloning.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and other scientific organizations have made public statements suggesting that human reproductive cloning be banned until safety issues are resolved.


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