Analytical Essay For Lord Of The Flies

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The idea of the Beast can also be understood as propaganda used by Jack to attain a totalitarian government.

By scaring the boys by telling them that the Beast exists, and by accusing Ralph of doing a poor job of protecting the children, Jack achieves leadership of a new ‘tribe’ in which he will rule like a tyrant.

The first symbol that becomes evident is the conch shell.

When the shell is first discovered lying on the sandy beach it is blown to signal all the boys, scattered across the island, to meet at one spot.

This outcome leads to another understanding of the signal fire; the first fire was a warning of death and disaster whereas the second fire was a sign of rescue.

The Beast devised by the boys is imaginary, symbolizing the savage instinct within the hearts of all people.It is people who lived before civilization, or those now living in an uncivilized society that apply face paint in order either to camouflage themselves to merge with their surroundings while hunting, or to celebrate in a wild manner.The island where the boys are stranded is a representation of the world and the children display the different roles of society. He shows the sophisticated side of man and holds the position of a democratic leader.The Beast, or The Lord of the Flies, (from which the novel's title is taken), represents the devil.Beelzebub, meaning ‘Lord of the Flies’ is in fact one of the many Biblical names of Satan.However, as the boys slowly turn to their savage instincts, the power of the conch shell is eroded.Ralph is holding the shell while he laughs maniacally about Simon’s death.These two characters symbolize polar opposites, good and evil.However, in the end Roger kills Piggy resulting in evil overpowering purity, suggesting the end of civilization.The signal fire can be viewed as a sign of hope - the hope the boys have to return to society.When the flames dance brightly, it shows the enthusiasm they hold for the idea of being rescued.


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