Amnesty International An Margaret Atwood Thesis

Amnesty International An Margaret Atwood Thesis-78
In (1970) the power of the unconscious to shape the persona is taken to an unprecedented level.In a general sense, all Atwood’s poems deal with a search for identity in different levels and in this collection, the nature of the supernatural connection between man and nature and "the artist as a shamanistic figure" (Hönnighausen 105) give further rise to this quest.Her Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn Mac Ewen, which was published in 1995,' won numerous awards, including the Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction, the Canadian Authors’ Association Award for Non-fiction, the President’s Medal for Biography, University of British Columbia, and the City of Toronto Book Award.

In (1970) the power of the unconscious to shape the persona is taken to an unprecedented level.In a general sense, all Atwood’s poems deal with a search for identity in different levels and in this collection, the nature of the supernatural connection between man and nature and "the artist as a shamanistic figure" (Hönnighausen 105) give further rise to this quest.

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The title poem in this collection, "The Animals in that Country," contrasts nature and history with the way man has recognized them.

The opposition metaphorically addresses how different animals hold distinct positions in different cultures; hence "the fox run / politely to earth, [and] the huntsmen / standing around him, fixed / in their tapestry of manners" refer to the importance of the fox to the British people.

By juxtaposing the artificiality of language and the constructive quality of art in general with nature Atwood comments on the arbitrariness of man’s life in regards to such genuine concepts as love and literature.

Atwood’s next collection of poems, (1968) carries on the theme of conflict between man and nature with a particular emphasis on environmental issues.

The conflict within the persona in remaining attached to the old ways of city life and the actual circumstances of living in the prairies is a dominant theme, not only in this collection of verse but also in many of Atwood’s other writings including short stories and novels.

The internal conflict within the persona is best portrayed in the poem titled "The Two Fires" where the speaker announces that two kinds of fire "in-form" her, while "(each refuge fails / us; each danger / becomes a haven)" and where each "left charred marks / now around which / I try to grow." Moreover, the paintings accompanying the poems in this collection carry the struggle of the woman settler to its fullest.In 1987 Sullivan began writing a biography of Elizabeth Smart, By Heart, which was published in 1991 by Penguin Books.Sullivan realized that she had a passion for biographies.Atwood’s fame, however, also rests on her voluminous contributions to the genres of poetry and short story.Moreover, as a critical analyst, historian, and essayist, Atwood’s writings have appeared in a wide range of scholarly material spanning from college and university textbooks to important literary journals and anthologies.The occupation of her father as a prominent entomological researcher had a drastic effect on the eventual career of his daughter.Margaret Atwood discovered her interest in nature and natural phenomena at a very early age due to the site of her father’s research which was often the woods in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec where the family mostly spent its summers.Not as conspicuous in the treatment of environmental and socio-cultural issues as most of her later poetry is, the poems in this collection almost unanimously highlight the perpetual contrast and the inherent conflict between nature and the ways adopted by mankind to dominate it.(1966), for which Atwood received the prestigious Governor General award in 1967, brought the poet to the attention of the literary world and developed the theme of contrast between man and nature to the fullest.Imagery associated with natural phenomena like fire and water are accentuated through drawings accompanying the poems and contrasted, at the same time, with images pertaining to architecture, art, and design as aspects of civilization.Simultaneously, in this collection of poems, forces of nature and the unconscious giving rise to creative arts are being perpetually juxtaposed with the clearly defined, logical images arising from man’s approaches in conquering nature.


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