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Just like the essays on an undergraduate college application, the medical school personal statement is your chance to show who you are beyond the numbers.

Your unique personality traits, experiences, and personal qualities can set you apart from similarly qualified applicants.

You might be surprised at some of the things about you that the medical schools might find impressive or at least interesting. Elaborate on activities, medically related or otherwise, that provide insight into your character and personality. Requests for these come in the fall (often several within a week) when you have many other demands on your time so getting prepared early is smart. Read up on the particular institution on their website and/or their printed literature. Check with us since we can provide you with specific information based on our visits to the school or feedback from Clark students. Check with us to see what significance to attach to your having received a request for a secondary. Generally follow the same guidelines as for the personal statement itself but do not just repeat what is in it. Feel free to use material that you could not fit into the personal statement or that covers things that have happened since you wrote the AMCAS application.

Try to include interests or activities that will steer your interview into areas where you can shine. However, the material must be responsive to the question.

In fact, finding other ways to highlight your qualities and interest in medicine can help you stand out.

why these statements are true through describing major events that inspired you and made you want to become a physician.Do not worry about spelling, punctuation, repetitiveness, or anything that will slow you down, but make it legible enough so that you can read it. It just makes your statement boring, and you lose your readers, most of whom have just a few minutes to spend on your entire application. Remember the reader may be a clinician, a basic scientist, an administrator, or a medical student, and what may be common knowledge to one may be obscure to others. Don't bring up topics that might prove embarrassing to you, such as anything to do with your plans to raise a family, your health, sex life, emotional or other health problems within your family (unless these are very relevant to your motivation for medicine), casual experimentation with alcohol or other drugs, any minor troubles that you've gotten into as a teenager, etc. Don't demonstrate prejudices, whether they be religious, ethnic, etc. Don't spend a lot of time telling the reader how much you know about medicine from your experiences as an EMT, lifeguard, hospital volunteer, etc. Don't try to use the material you have written for one secondary in others that are requesting something different. AMCAS Personal Statement AMCAS Personal Statement Writing Better Grammar Guides Chicago Manual of Style Online Clark Writing Center Communication Skills Links Editing and Proofreading Free Dictionary Future Personal Statements Graduate Admissions Essay Graduate School Admissions Essay Graduate School Essay That Will Knock Their Socks Off Graduate School Essays Grammar and Style Guides Grammar and Writing Guide, Capital Community College Grammar Resource Guide Grammar Resources Grammar, Usage & Style Health Professions Personal Statement Literacy Education Online (LEO), St.Go through it again and pick out the parts that seem worth saving and then write an outline (as in E1 above). If you don't get their interest and sustain it, you lose. Leave out anything that is intrinsically not believable. If you get caught in a lie or are seen to be exaggerating, you destroy yourself, and, just remember, you are not there during initial screening to explain yourself. It's enough to just let them know that you have had these, and the place to do this is in your list of activities. Don't write an essay on what it takes to be a good doctor (your audience already knows this) and don't preach. Don't resort to a thesaurus except in the very last stages of your writing since the attempt to avoid repetition often leads to incorrect usage. Brainstorming before you start writing can also help you stay on topic and focused on your purpose.We recommend creating two lists:1) A list of excellent and relevant personal qualities such as:2) A list of experiences, events, or opportunities that inspired your passion for medicine and your career choice It’s okay if some of your examples aren’t directly related to research or clinical experience.Schools not using the AMCAS include CUNY School of Medicine-The Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program and medical schools in the state of Texas, which use the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS).The personal statement prompt for the AMCAS is: You have 5,300 characters in which to tell your story.Medical school applications contain many components. With applicants so focused on MCAT scores, clinical experiences, and GPAs, one of these components is often overlooked or rushed: the medical school personal statement.Although it may seem less significant than these other factors, your personal statement In this ultimate guide, we’ll explain why medical school personal statements matter and how they’re evaluated by admissions counselors, plus share helpful tips and our list of top Do’s and Don’ts. Most medical schools use the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), which is essentially a common application for medical schools.It will help form a complete picture of who you are as an individual and who you may become as a physician. Your personal statement must clearly and convincingly convey: Although a personal statement isn’t the same as a formal essay, it’s important to stay on topic.Admissions counselors will look for evidence of positive personal qualities, consider your communication abilities and professionality, and try to gain an understanding of your genuine voice and personality. Keep these goals in mind to ensure you don’t wander too far from the true purpose of your essay.


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