Alice In Wonderland Essay Analysis

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By not showing the people’s facial expressions, there’s an indication they have sold their identity to drugs: they have lost their soul. Alice in Wonderland Artwork by Sigmar Polke: Analysis.

Alice in Wonderland became quite a humorous visual correspondence using the projection of transparent images onto grounds composed of multiple, contrasting cloths.

It gives you a depressed and lonely feeling because the translucent characters have no color.

It is as though the characters have died and the brain is already dead.

Like the blue caterpillar Absolem, which pupates and becomes a butterfly, Alice undergoes a transformation.

The big question through the movie is who comes out of the cocoon, that is, which person Alice develops into as an adult.The picture is showing me if we watch too much television, the mind is going to have a lot of hallucinations between reality and fiction.The characters have more attention than the soccer players? Alice in Wonderland Artwork by Sigmar Polke: Analysis [Internet]. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https:// This could mean that not only is your mind confused, it is also messed up.The characters are there, but the audience can barely see them, indicating they could be becoming invisible.The mixed media art may have been here to tell people, the brain is on drugs when the audience is watching sports.You notice the translucent characters more, since they appear larger than the soccer players.Notice how the polka dots only cover up the middle section and a little bit on the bottom because the artist probably wanted to make sure he was covering up Alice, to show her being curious and confused. The caterpillar faces away from the audience, possibly ashamed of smoking. This shows it is not organized because it is supposed to give you confusion.I looked closely at the background and noticed there are many soccer balls, when you only need to play with one.The only thing that looks like a perfect shape would be a sphere (the soccer ball).The audience cannot see all of the faces clearly and cannot see their emotion.


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