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The details you select should support your development of the ideas and impressions you chooseto discuss.

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During periods ofstability, however, citizens must have freedom from unnecessary government control.2015 SOC 30-1 Liberalsim-A strong leader supported by an expert group of advisors will guide a country to greatness.

Giving uninformed citizens the responsibility of making decisions about critical issues would prove disastrous to the country.2017 SOC 30-1 Liberalsim-Governments have an obligation to provide support to individuals experiencing immediate or ongoing crises.

When choosing the prose form that will best communicate yourideas and impressions, consider the ideas and support that will allow you to compose the mosteffective response. Have a plan for presenting your ideas andimpressions.

Different prose forms, of course, have their own unique characteristics.

Your observations and conclusions about the visualtext(s) may include discussion of emotions, attitudes, situations, and themes presented in orinspired by the text(s).

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An important point to remember is that there is no “correct” answer or approach to the Visual Reflection Assignment.The pattern is consistent that bold words indicate any number or all choices may be correct to some degree. Also notice that multiple sources can be considered across a range of questions: a question on a picture, then a question considering the picture and a reading.Lingo (Jargon) from these Released Diploma Items:alludesserve to depictimageallayreinforces the conceptdevelop a sensecontext suggests the allusion ...Exemplars Guides for Students Diploma Exam Information Released Items for 30-1 Reading Comp: …161219.pdf30-1 The Personal Response to Texts Assignment (1 hour): Personal Prose Response to Literature written in a creative prose form(not poem or lyric) practiced during your course.There is adifference in style between a journal entry and a newspaper article, for example.Likewise, theconventions of a personal narrative are different from those of expository writing.The exam booklet usually has an excerpt story/novel, a poem, and a visual.All pieces are selected for a specific unifying theme: similar(but by no means limited to) to what I've posted on "focus questions". questions/ Responses can be personal, creative, critical.Do not connect to literature studied during your course.Connect to detailed, relevant, and insightful personal experience, or more philosophical/creative ideals.


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