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So if you don’t follow a lead up promptly in a professional and courteous manner Plus first impressions count, and most people aren’t going to be impressed with a slow follow up on email requests because they’ll worry that your overall service will also be slow and unreliable.You’d be amazed at how many business owners fail to grasp this fundamental concept!However, if you’ve got a great product or service (I’ll get to this later), with a bit of patience and know-how, there’s no reason you can’t do exactly what we did for our client.

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But digital marketing wasn’t an area he was familiar with and the company didn't have any historical digital marketing campaigns to build on, so the strategy was created from scratch.

Naturally, having a limited budget and no previous track record of what had worked and what hadn’t meant we were facing some challenges, but hey, we relish a challenge!

This information helped us refine and optimise this PPC campaign to continually make it more targeted and more efficient the longer it ran.

In this case it was easy to know what success looked like.

The second goal (which we recommended to the client) was to ensure that all of our marketing activities had a positive return, so that they were generating more money than they were spending. One thing worth noting is that the company already had a very strong customer focus during the sales cycle.

In this case there was very quick follow-up on website enquiries.

So our objective was to convert what was a traditional B2B company website (more or less an expensive brochure) into an efficient lead generation machine.

In other words, we wanted to find people who were looking for consulting and get them to call or fill out an online form with their contact details so the sales team could follow up.

***Rant over***The other key element you need is creating a strong feedback loop between your sales and marketing people so that the sales people who deal with leads communicate constantly with the marketing people who generate those leads, and vice versa.

That communication will help you understand what proportion of leads are quality leads, what makes them high quality and what type of leads you want to focus on in the future.


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