Act 1 Scene 5 Essay

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She plans to ‘pour spirits in ear’ which suggests she will corrupt him unknowingly, which may be a reference to another Shakespeare play, Hamlet, when King Hamlet was killed while asleep as Claudius poured poison in his ear; the mention of ear may suggest that the person acted upon has no control or ability to stop the action.

If she has her way, she will transform Macbeth from an ‘innocent flower’ to ‘serpent’, the epitome of corruption, which makes it difficult to consider Lady Macbeth as a supporting wife.

John has a Masters in Modern English Literature and is the founder of Ry Jo LC, an educational consultancy based in Dublin that provides English language and curriculum resources to educational institutions worldwide.

In this essay I will compare three film versions of the ghost scene from Shakespeare’s play, ‘Hamlet’.

The natural order has already been disturbed, evidenced by Lady Macbeth’s remark that ‘Thy letters have transported me beyond/ This ignorant present, and I feel now the future in the instant’.

The future she refers to is the world when Macbeth becomes king and immorality reigns; this has already begun as two of the play’s principal characters plot to kill the king.

In the Elizabethan period children had great respect for their parents and did everything they were told to do ”My lips, two blushing pilgrims,” this indicates that Romeo wants to start a 'pilgrimage' or journey of love with Juliet and the 'blushing pilgrims' symbolise his initial embarrassment of kissing her with passion and his actual lips as well.

Hate, I think, triggers the events of love even though the two emotions are equal throughout the play.

The actors in the 1990 version starring Mel Gibson were very convincing.

Mel Gibson played Hamlet with lots of emotion and expressed the fact that Hamlet was going crazy well.


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