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Revenue account determination provides the G/L account for revenue, discounts, surcharges, and taxes.

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Material Account Assignment Group The is used to distinguish accounts based on different materials.

For example, the requirement may be to separate the revenue from the sale of finished goods from the revenue of services.

If this list does not meet your requirements, you can use function key F4 to access the full list of fields in the catalog.

Note that, unlike with pricing, there is a very limited set of fields to choose from.

The report provides you with the following selection criteria and control parameters: When the selection and data update is complete, EWM displays a message log, which you can use to analyze the changes made.

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CPI1466 during Backup Fill RESBD Structure from EBP Component Structure This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.The menu path is IMG ➢ Sales And Distribution ➢ Basic Functions ➢ Account Assignment/Costing ➢ Revenue Account Determination ➢ Define Dependencies Of Revenue Account Determination ➢ Field Catalog: Allowed Fields For The Tables.You can check the fields available in the standard field catalog.For example, one of the common requirements is to segregate revenues of domestic customers from those of foreign customers.You can create account groups and assign them in the customer master record.You can create account groups and assign them in each material master record.You can then use this field as a key to point to different accounts.To maintain the values in this field, follow the path IMG ➢ Sales And Distribution ➢ Basic Functions ➢ Account Assignment/Costing ➢ Revenue Account Determination ➢ Check Master Data Relevant For Account Assignment ➢ Customers: Account Assignment Group (OVK8).As before, you can check the list of predefined account assignment groups or define a new entry.Before setting up new condition tables, check the standard tables provided by SAP.If you have to set up a custom table, refer to the field catalog, and search for the fields you require to be part of your condition table.


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