Accents Over Capital Letters In Spanish

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******But this difficulty has become increasingly minor with advances in software applications—it’s barely an inconvenience, really—and there are fewer excuses not to use accents on capital letters as necessary. The Académie française, by the way, has issued a nice statement of policy in support of accents on capital letters that could apply to other languages (see “Accentuation des majuscules” at --------------------------------------------------Note added at 8 days (2009-09-23 GMT) Post-grading--------------------------------------------------Thank you Gwen.

I agree with you on one thing, Patricia: if you're a native English-speaking person and your surname is Garcia, I suppose it is your personal preference if you don't write the accent.

("1" is on the "J" key) Another appoach is to display the character map using Start - Character Map.

Copy and paste special characters from the Character Map into your document.

;)--------------------------------------------------Note added at 20 mins (2009-09-14 GMT)--------------------------------------------------Looks like I was wrong, but I always see names and surnames such as José, Ramírez, López, etc. There is, however, one absolute: Appropriate accents must be used on names of people and institutions.

Login or register (free and only takes a few minutes) to participate in this question.But, in any case, if you're a native Spanish-speaking person and you write your surname García without an accent, that's nothing but a spelling mistake, no matter where you're from.Since the topic has sparked a lot of interest, I would like to add that names in English, if hyphenated, should be kept intact when translating in Spanish.Do we leave the accents on, take them off, take some off but not others?I've been running around the Internet and struggling to find a concrete source to take guidance from... I would not appreciate someone calling me Tana, as that is not my name.Chicago style tables may use symbols in column headings, e.g., % or $. En caché - Similares--------------------------------------------------Note added at 31 mins (2009-09-14 GMT)-------------------------------------------------- Character... What is the rule for placing accents over capital letters in Romance languages?Is it the same for French, Spanish, and Italian, or does each language have different requirements? The tendency to dispense with accents on capital letters does vary across languages.Se podría alegar que puede ser un engorro para un anglohablante buscar cómo poner el acento, pero vamos a ver, Unicode se inventó hace tiempo y no es tan complicado ponerlos en cualquier procesador de textos.Además, si los traductores no tenemos cuidado con este tipo de detalles, ¿quién lo va a tener? I think you need to keep the tilde, or (in my view, second best option) at least replace it with a y.--------------------------------------------------Note added at 15 mins (2009-09-14 GMT)--------------------------------------------------Chicago Manual of Style Crib Sheet - [ Traducir esta página ]The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is the standard reference to American must reproduce all accents and other marks exactly as they appear in the .....


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