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Hal is a warm, loving person and I really appreciate him for being there for me."While she was busy learning from Gibbs—"She taught me how to be a professional.And I witnessed firsthand why it was so important to do so," she wrote in an Instagram tribute to her TV mama last June—and leaning on Williams, King was rocked by news out of her father's new life.

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I just wasn't interested in being a 30-year-old playing a teenager." Around this time, she also decided to change her agent and manager.

"They got me, and understood that [I'm] an actor, not a celebrity.

When someone understands that, they generate things that are interesting for you," she explained.

While her career was entering its third phase, she was dealing with a new wrinkle in her relationship with her dad, who'd told her and her sisters years earlier that he'd been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

I couldn't get that whole scene out of my head, though, and once I learned that my dad's son-in-law had stolen a lot of his money, I knew something had to change.

That's when Pat [her older half-sister] and I started planning to bring him back home to Los Angeles."Taking care of the financials while Pat took care of their father, physically, King was struggling."And after I did that, it became clear as day that this is my career choice... From 1991-1995, she would star in a total of three Singleton films, which in turn lead to work in the '95 hit comedy .But for King, the half-decade of work began to stick out for its overwhelming sameness."My sister and I were definitely allowed to dream big.My mother put no restrictions on that," King told "It was an exciting time for us, but our dad wasn't around very much."By the time the disease really began to take over his mind and body, he was living in Panola County, Texas, with his fourth wife.I was pregnant when my husband and I went to visit him, and I was devastated by what I saw."It was very frustrating..maybe that's what helped me decide that I really did want to be an actor as a career choice because of that year of not acting and not knowing what I wanted to do at all," she said.And then came her first feature role in John Singleton's 1991 classic B.He played my father on , which aired for [five] seasons, and also became a father figure for me when the cameras stopped rolling," she explained."He'd let me sit up under him and talk about teenage stuff and just be, which was something I no longer did with my dad.


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