A2 History Coursework Essay

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He made Anthony Eden, a fellow long-time opponent of Chamberlain, his Secretary of State for War.

Later, Eden became Foreign Secretary replacing Lord Halifax.

In 1939 he prophetically argued that Britain and France should strike a military alliance with the Soviet Union.

It is possible to draw the conclusion that Churchill’s stance during this period, which was proven right, was important in underpinning and lending credibility and compelling force to the robust approach he later took to the management of the country at war.

1929 began with Churchill serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer (during the period of this office he had controversially returned Britain to the Gold Standard in 1925 and taken a strong line against the General Strike in 1926).

However, with the defeat of the Conservative Government in May of 1929 Churchill lost office.

In April 1941 Churchill was criticised for removing forces from the Desert War in an ill-fated attempt to defend Greece, but again it could be argued that this was a noble cause.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of Churchill’s individual style of leadership was his ability to inspire the British people to draw deeper and deeper on their personal resources and sheer resilience.

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