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Across the board, students can also expect less coursework and fewer practical assessments (in Wales, practicals will still count in biology, chemistry and physics A level) – making exam revision even more important.

Grades will continue to be awarded on an A*-E scale.

Spread out over two years, the changes were made so students could broaden their knowledge of their subjects.

A levels can either be studied at secondary school within Sixth Form or at college if they choose to leave school.

The best way for your child choose their subjects if for them to simply choose the ones they’re interested in and find enjoyable, as this will boost their chances of succeeding.

Pressuring them to choose subjects that they do not like could mean they don’t engage with the course as much.After your child’s GCSE examinations in Year 11, they may want to stay at school or go to college to complete their AS and A levels.In 2015 the government announced that there would be some changes made to the way teens complete their AS and A levels, so it’s important to know how these reforms could affect your child and what it will mean for their grades at the end of their studies.From 2017, it’s worth noting that examining body Ofqual decided that the following subjects will no longer be available, as they are too similar to other related options.If your child can’t stand the thought of having to stay at school for another two years, then there are lots of alternatives that can still gain them qualifications after GCSEs.The choices are similar to those at GCSE and usually allow students to carry on the subjects that they like from GCSE.Many schools/colleges require a GCSE in a subject to carry it on at A level.It can be tricky to keep up with all the changes that have been made to Secondary school exams.That's why we've decided to put together a parents guide to AS and A Levels to help you understand the exam process a little bit better...There are several ‘vocational’ (work related) qualifications out there which develop the skills and knowledge for when they’re ready to find paid work.Many teens just aren’t suited to education and find that learning hands-on skills – such as engineering or catering – much more stimulating than learning out of books.


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