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Their myth remembers their descent from the Prophet, their leadership of the Arab Revolt, and the tribes’ shared Arab and Islamic heritage.

You can always come back to it after you write the body of your essay. The thesis statement To see how to navigate these three parts in practice, look at the below examples of a weak and strong introduction. This has been especially true in the Middle East, where the country of Jordan offers one example of how states in the region approached nation-building.

Whenever you approach your introduction, think of it as having three key parts:1. Suppose you are taking a Near Eastern history class and your professor has distributed the following paper prompt:“In a 4-5 page paper, describe the process of nation-building in one Middle Eastern state. Founded after World War I by the British, Jordan has since been ruled by members of the Hashemite family.

The body of the paper will discuss the Hashemite claims “as descendants from the Prophet Muhammad, as leaders of the Arab Revolt, and as the fathers of Jordan’s different tribal groups.”If you write your introduction first, be sure to revisit it after you have written your entire essay.

Because your paper will evolve as you write, you need to go back and make sure that the introduction still sets up your argument and still fits your organizational structure. First, it reiterates your argument in different language than you used in the thesis and body of your paper.

- draw your readers in- culminate in a thesis statement that clearly states your argument- orient your readers to the key facts they need to know in order to understand your thesis- lay out a roadmap for the rest of your paper Often students get slowed down in paper-writing because they are not sure how to write the introduction.

Do not feel like you have to write your introduction first simply because it is the first section of your paper. Be specific in your analysis, and draw on at least one of the scholars of nationalism that we discussed in class.”Here is an example of a introduction for this prompt:“One of the most important tasks the leader of any country faces is how to build a united and strong nation.

Various tribes have also reasserted their role in the region’s past, refusing to play the part of “sons” to Hashemite “fathers.” For the Hashemites, maintaining their mythology depends on the same dialectical process that John R.

Gillis identified in his investigation of commemorations: a process of both remembering and forgetting.

To help them face the difficult challenges of founding a new state, they employed various strategies of nation-building.”Now, here is a version of that same introduction:“Since 1921, when the British first created the mandate of Transjordan and installed Abdullah I as its emir, the Hashemite rulers have faced a dual task in nation-building.

First, as foreigners to the region, the Hashemites had to establish their legitimacy as Jordan’s rightful leaders.


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