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In a barbershop quartet, for example, one person will sing the melody.

For example, a clarinet playing an uptempo melody in the mid to upper register could be described as having a bright timbre.

That same instrument slowly playing a monotone in its lowest register could be described as having a dull timbre.

Rhythm refers to the interrelationship between music and time. Whether we are speaking of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony or just one note, there is a beginning a duration. Although we often compare music and art, they are dissimilar in at least this one respect. All of these develop through time.' We cannot listen to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

When you look at a painting, your eve sees it all at once. read War and Peace, or watch the seventh game of the World Series in an instant. with moments of exciting activity alternating with moments in which the action subsides. the composer must determine the rhythmic nature of his or her creation.

Knowing the generally accepted elements can help you understand the essential ​components of music.

A beat is what gives music its rhythmic pattern; it can be regular or irregular.Pitch may be definite, easily identifiable (as with the piano, where there is a key for each note), or indefinite, meaning pitch is difficult to discern (as with a percussion instrument, such as the cymbals).Rhythm may be defined as the pattern or placement of sounds in time and beats in music.In subsequent musical close-ups, we shall examine one or another of these elements in greater detail as it pertains to a given style or topic.Rhythm We begin with rhythm because it is basic to all music.We must allow each to unfold over its own appropriate period of time. In the broadest sense, the composer must determine how Iona he or she wishes the piece to be. he or she can control the rhythmic flow of the piece.For example, the piece might have a slow moving rather uncomplicated opening, followed by a sudden flurry of activity; then it may bui1d to a busy and fast climax, allowing the rhythmic tension to dissipate in the final section.MUSICAL CLOSE-UP: THE ELEMENTS OF MUSIC THE ROOTS OF ROCK, page 12 To fully understand any musical style, one must be able to analyze the various elements of music as they exist in that particular style.In this first musical close-up, we shall briefly describe these elements of music.In classical music, the melody is usually repeated as a recurring musical theme that varies as the composition progresses.The pitch of a sound is based on the frequency of vibration and the size of the vibrating object.


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