50 Marks Physiology Essay

The increase in pressure stops in the eighth decade of life, and there may even be a slight decline in pressure in extreme old age.

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Structural changes include a gradual loss of muscle fibres with an infiltration of adipose tissue (fat) and connective tissue.

There is a gradual accumulation of insoluble granular material (lipofuscin, or “age pigment”) in cardiac muscle fibres.

Certain cellular enzymes may be less active, and thus more time may be required to carry out chemical reactions.

Ultimately the cell may die.heart are the single largest cause of death after age 65.

During each beat, however, the muscle fibres of the heart do not contract as rapidly in the old as in the young.

This reduction in power, or rate of work, is due to the age-associated reduction in the activities of certain cellular In spite of these changes, the heart, in the absence of disease, is able to meet the demands placed upon it.

[12 marks] It can be quite hard to score full marks on these questions and it is easy to make mistakes.

However, by reading the question carefully, doing what you are asked, and breaking things down into chunks, the question becomes a lot more manageable.


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