5 Types Of Essay Writers

Writing an essay on various topics is generally fun for the students instead of writing their homework on any subject.

Essay writing is the most common type of assignment assigned to the students.

You should not summarize the introduction section in conclusion and even don’t introduce any new idea in it.

The only purpose of writing an expository essay is to explain your stand and try to convince the readers with your points.

Many college and university students choose to narrate about the particular day of their life to show how one says can change someone’s life.

This type of essay is written to describe all about the experiences of the writer about various things and moments of his life to target the audience and create a reader’s interest in someone’s life experiences.

It is a common practice adopted by almost every educational stream – science, arts, commerce, geology, etc. Every student has undoubtedly heard the word “essay” during their academic life.

They even sometimes asked to write an essay for the given topic on the spot.

There are various types of essays, but here listed the most important types that are assigned to the students during their academic life.

An expository essay is also known by the name “five-paragraph essay.” This extended article is divided into five parts – general explanation essay, definition essay, cause & effect essay, reflection essay, and critical analysis essay.


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