3d Tomosynthesis

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Please check with your insurance company prior to your appointment to make sure it is covered.

3D breast tomosynthesis is a type of procedure used specifically to image breast tissue.

Forty million mammograms are performed each year,2 but the technology is evolving.

Depending on where a woman lives, she may be able to choose from among three different types of mammography. 3D mammograms, also known as tomosynthesis or “tomo,” use the same x-ray technology as regular “2D” mammograms.

You should always talk to your Primary Care provider or OB/GYN about any new concerns, lumps in your breast, prior surgeries or personal/family history of breast cancer.

In preparation for your procedure we suggest the following: During Tomosynthesis, your breast is positioned between two plates, just like a regular mammogram.

Unlike a mammogram, which captures a 2D or flat image of the breast, a tomosynthesis can be used to produce 3D images.

The X-ray procedure is similar to a mammogram, except the X-ray tube moves in an arc over your breast.

Please note,children will not be allowed in the X-ray room.

Patients will be able to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.


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