2010 John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Essay

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But one whose courage some of us saw close-up and personal among, among this legion of honor was my friend, the late Congressman Jack Murtha, a proud defense hawk, a defense hawk who was recognized for his courage to speak out publicly against the war in Iraq.

Before him came the peacemakers of Northern Ireland – John Hume and George Mitchell.

Let me express as well, but also thank you to Raytheon for helping us honor our oath to protect and defend the Constitution of United States. Let me express my abiding gratitude to the Profile in Courage Award Committee. [Laughter] I am now in my new mode of not being the modest woman in politics but I think they did a good job. [Applause] I want to extend my congratulations to Elazar Cramer for being selected as the 2019 Profile in Courage Essay Winner!

[Applause] A beautiful, beautiful essay and he wrote about one of the first women to serve in Congress, one of the first six women and she was the Chair of the Veteran Affairs Committee.

I just said to the Schlossbergs, ‘I don’t see any reason for me to make a speech right now.’ All those beautiful things – I accept the compliments on behalf of all of my colleagues in the House of Representatives who made all of our accomplishments possible with their courage.

Before acknowledging and thanking the family, for those who have been part of my journey to this moment too, I must first pay tribute to the President who inspired this award.

It is joy to share this celebration with those in my family who are my foundation and my heart: my husband Paul; husband of 55 years, our children Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra; Our grandchildren, Madeleine, Alexander, Paul and Thomas; our other grandchildren, busy with their studies and exams but here in spirit, Liam, Sean, Ryan, Bella and Octavio.

And also our sons-in-law who are here, Jeff and Mihiel.

[Applause] I am pleased to be joined here by so many Members of my official family in the Congress.

We are joined by present and former Members from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Texas, California, Maryland, and when I include former Members of Congress, I am including Secretary of State, John Kerry is a former Member of Congress.


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