2007 Ap Psychology Essay Schizophrenia

This is a fictionalized account of having a psychological ailment.

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When a person’s mood alternates between depression and the hyperactive state of ____, a ____ disorder is diagnosed.

With each new generation, the rate of depression is ____ and the disorder is striking _____.

According to this view, psychological disorders are viewed as mental ____, or ____, diagnosed on the basis of ____ and cured through ____.

The most widely used system for classifying psychological disorders is the American Psychiatric Association Manual, commonly known by its abbreviation, ____.

Research with identical twins indicates that ____ may also play a role.

The anxiety response probably ____ genetically influenced.

The brain tissue of schizophrenia patients has been found to have an excess of receptors for the neurotransmitter _____.

Drugs that block these receptors have been found to ____ schizophrenia symptoms.

Although in many situations the person can live with the problem, some ____ such as a fear of thunderstorms, are incapacitating.

Traumatic stress, such as that associated with witnessing atrocities or combat, can produce _____ disorder.


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